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Attention recall: fungi in this rice!

Drugstore chain ” dm ” returns to rice due to mold risk The drugstore chain dm has started a recall for organic rice. According to the company, could not be excluded that it contains mold, which can affect health. Elevated Aflatoxin Levels The drugstore chain dm calls back to the article “dmBio long-grain rice nature” […]

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In what position to sleep cores?

Usual human body position during sleep depends on different factors. One can often hear that this or that posture can affect the body. But what about cores – what position to sleep to people who have problems with blood vessels and the heart? Are poses for sleep, which is contraindicated in heart disease, and in […]

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Cold: safety rules – Likar.Info

Protect you medical mask from germs and why it is better to sneeze into the elbow? The answers to these and other questions, read our article about safety rules during a cold. THE SEASON OF COLDS: MINIMIZE THE RISKS IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME! ALL THE ATTENTION ON THE HANDS VENTILATE THE ROOM MEDICAL […]

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The Best Parenting Gadgets of 2018

Every year, new parenting products hit the shelves touting that benefits that will help make everyday tasks from breastfeeding to teeth brushing more manageable. The problem is there are almost too many gadgets on the market. How are busy parents supposed to dig through them all to find the best of the best? That’s where we come […]