Trade air: do the benefits of oxygen cocktails?

During oxygen starvation the person becomes lethargic, distracted, drowsy. The skin begins to fade, there is insomnia. Marketers do use these facts and constantly trying to sell us oxygen: creams, in water, in cocktails… And if he needed us? Let’s see.

What is oxygen cocktail?

Drink milk, juice or herbal infusion with a special froth. Manufacturers saturate flood the oxygen cocktail with a special mixer or a cocktail.

Why is it necessary?

Proponents of the drink say that the foam fills the body with oxygen through the stomach. They say, in such a way in the tissue receives approximately 5 times more oxygen than the lungs. And, if you drink these shakes constantly, you can:

  • To improve the functioning of the heart and nervous system;
  • To stabilize blood pressure;
  • To strengthen the immune system;
  • Increase performance;
  • Normalize sleep.

What really?

Our body has a special body whose task is to absorb oxygen. It’s easy. And mucous membrane of the stomach covered with a thin layer of epithelial cells that are unable to absorb O2. Therefore, the oxygen received into the stomach, can be absorbed only in very small quantities.

And besides, the overabundance of harmful oxygen as well as the lack of it. Think of it: what happens if you try, for example, by mouth to inflate a rubber mattress? Head starts to hurt and spin.

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With regard to hypoxia – that is, of course, very unpleasant and dangerous. But this condition, which occurs, for example, in a choke. It is the condition, not a disease. It requires no treatment and only eliminate the causes. Not being subjected to oxygen starvation, it is enough just to breathe.

Even very large and highly polluted cities, oxygen in the air is sufficient to avoid hypoxia. People can live in an even smaller amount of oxygen than in the dirty industrial area of Moscow. Do not confuse the lack of oxygen and air pollution are two different issues. In Moscow, enough oxygen, but the air is polluted. In the mountains the air is clean, but oxygen is not enough.

Therefore, clinical evidence of the use of such cocktails is not. In advertising often refer to the work of the Soviet scientist N. Sirotinina. Indeed, Sirotinin conducted the experiments on oxygen delivery in the stomachs of patients, but it was just a experiment rather than a full clinical study. The evidence base for them is quite modest.

And management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA) in 2002, criticized the “oxygen fashion” because with tachycardia, arrhythmia, asthma and other diseases she can go in harm.

And what is the result?

The cocktails, which we see in the fitness clubs, shopping malls, and even daycare centers, clearly not under force to saturate our body with oxygen. From the point of view of chemical composition, they are no different from the same soda.

But the harm to the health of such drinks can easily. So if you want to get more air, better to just go for a walk in the Park.

But be careful when outside the window – a minus, but you have a heart problem. Details – in the article “beware of the cold! Low temperature is dangerous for cores”.