Keep Kids Busy on July 4th With This

The Fourth of July means food, fun, and fireworks — all out in the hot summer day/night, right? But you can’t spend the entire day outdoors (not in this July heat at least). In between backyard games and grilling, let kids take a break and still keep busy with these printable Fourth of July coloring pages.

We’ve created 23 festive Fourth printouts featuring patriotic pictures of soaring bald eagles, firecrackers, American flags and even an old-timey Fourth of July parade. You’ll also find activity pages where kids can help each other through a Fourth of July word search and name the 50 states as they color in our printable U.S. map. Not only are kids unleashing their creative side, but they’re also using their minds to solve puzzles and learn geography. We’d consider that a win-win, wouldn’t you?

Stock up on your festive kid-friendly art supplies (and, you know, your red and blue crayons) — you’re going to need ’em.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.

Waving American Flag

There's really only one way to color Old Glory.

July 4th Word Search

This Fourth of July word search is a challenge for school-age kids.

July 4th Fireworks

What's the Fourth of July without festive fireworks?

Patriotic Parade

This printable coloring page of an old-timey parade is so cute.

Statue of Liberty

Teach kids about the Statue of Liberty as they work on this page.

United States Map

Challenge kids to label all 50 states as they color in this U.S. map.

American Flag

Stars and stripes forever.

Liberty Bell

Love that Liberty Bell.

Bald Eagle

The most majestic bird, right?

Bald Eagle Soaring

One more eagle buddy for good measure.

U.S. Flag & Fireworks

"And the rockets' red glare…"

4th of July Firecracker

That's one happy firecracker.

4th of July Firecrackers

Get kids excited for the fireworks they'll be seeing on the night of the Fourth.

Top Hat

Need a special calendar page for today?

Top Hat With a Flag

An Uncle Sam-tastic top hat.

‘Which One Is Different?’ Game

Little kids will love this printable find-the-difference activity.

Uncle Sam

This Uncle Sam looks thrilled about the holiday.

Flag & Top Hat

Classic Fourth of July accessories.

‘Find the Hidden Objects’ Game

This "Find the Hidden Objects" activity page is beautifully illustrated to boot.

4th of July Eagle

What a cute lil' eagle.

Drums & Stars

March to the beat of your own summer drummer.

Kid With Fireworks

OK, maybe kids shouldn't handle rocket fireworks in real life. You could teach them how to be safe around fireworks as they're coloring.

Child Grilling

Yeah, kids probably shouldn't grill, either. Still cute, though.

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