Addison’s disease: Emily got with four years of your period

Emily’s Doctors were puzzled: With two years of their young patient grew Breasts, four-you got your period. A blood test revealed: Emily suffers from Addison’s disease. Hormone replacement therapy should help – instead, Emily came into the menopause.

As the little Emily was from the Australian city of Central Coast, two years old, fell on her mother, something Strange to her: It seemed as if her little girl Breasts would grow. Two years later, Emily began to bleed suddenly. With only four years you had to get your period. When Emily came in the elementary school, she knew already, what are Bind – while their classmates were able to start anything for a long time with it.

Today, at the age of seven, it takes Emily no Tie more. Instead, she has to fight now with Menopause and all that goes with it: hair loss, fatigue, mood swings.

With seven years of Emily weighs 65 kilograms – three times as much as usual

First of all, your life was quite normal. Emily’s birth was not without complications. 3.6 kgs was the lightest of her three children, her mother explains Tam Dover the Australian magazine “Woman’s Day”. There had been no sign of Emily there might be something wrong – until she was four months old, and began to grow faster.

With a Time Emily was as big as a-year-old child, recalls Dover. Even now seven years old, Emily is ahead of other children your age a lot: she Currently weighs 65 kilograms, almost three times as much as usual. “It breaks my heart. Because of their Breasts, can I buy your normal clothes. It is perennial, such as a 17 -.“

Emily’s hormone levels resembled that of a Pregnant

As Emily got her period, are you rushed from doctor to doctor, told her mother, each Time without success. Your “diagnosis”: Emily’s size is genetic, a diet would help with your weight already. Why your daughter has developed so early and a woman, was able to explain to you, however, not an expert.

However, 500 Australian dollars (about EUR 306) were for each doctor’s visit is due. “A big financial burden for us. Of the Frustration apart. No doctor could explain, what with it not agreed,“ says Tam of Dover.

Clarity brought only a blood test two years ago showed that Emily’s hormone levels of a Pregnant offset: Emily suffers from Addison disease also Addison’s disease called. Facebook Emily and her mother, Tam.

In the rare Addison’s disease, the affected adrenal cortex: There is a lack of important hormones, such as cortisol, cortisone, and Corticosterone. You are one of the so-called glucocorticoids, which are anti-inflammatory and the formation of blood, the water and electrolyte household as well as the protein’s budgetary influence. In addition to Mineralocorticoid, such as aldosterone, androgens are produced in the adrenal cortex.

Symptoms of Addison’s disease weakness, fatigue, circulatory problems and low blood pressure. It is also typical that the skin in the Patients, particularly on the soles of the feet, the palms, and in the area of the oral mucosa, brown discolored. Some also develop a strong appetite for salt. Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, in women, the period often remains, and the pubic hair fall out.

Instead of fighting your symptoms, she came through the therapy in the menopause

In addition to Addison’s disease, the Doctors found maturity in addition, an early, the adreno-genital syndrome (AGS) and an autism spectrum disorder at Emily. In order to stop their rapid growth, they began hormone replacement therapy at Emily. This Emily was so early in the menopause, her growth, however, nothing changed and more and more so the Doctors stopped the therapy.

After countless Tests and Trying to find the right therapy for Emily, came by the Doctors to the conclusion not to further drug treatment and monitor your condition with regular analyses.

However, Emily lets her disease get to you, even if you know that you “was different than the other kids”. In the school the seven-year-old was very popular, tells her mother. “She has a great empathy and an exceptional understanding of others. It really is a beautiful girl with a heart of Gold.“