To rotate the tick out or pull out?

In the summer, the first tick will hang in the knee throats of unwary walkers. From April to June and often again in October, the parasites have a high season. Where it is hot and humid, you feel comfortable: With two mouth tools to carve the skin of their victims and slurping on days of the blood from the injured tissue.

Most people don’t notice the injury, because the tick numbs the area with your saliva. This also contains substances that prevent the blood from Clotting, and inflammation suppress. Dangerous ticks but especially because they can be transmitted via the saliva of viruses and bacteria.

The most common is to pass in Germany, the causative agent of Lyme disease to humans. In contrast to the viruses that cause tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), and especially in the South of Germany occur, there are these pathogens across the country. In most, but not all, cases, the Lyme disease by a red Ring around the bite site of the tick.

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Myth or medicine

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Who discovered the infection in a timely manner, it can be treated with antibiotics. The pathogen spread, however, freely in the body, it can lead to joint discomfort as well as temporary paralysis and inflammation in the brain go. In contrast to TBE, there is no vaccination against Lyme disease.

Dangerous Adhesive-Death

Basically, The tick should disappear quickly from the skin. Ideas on how this could work, there are many. So is advised to the parasites, with a few drops of Oil, glue or gasoline to kill. Recommended, however, is not.

“There are substances, which stimulate the flow of saliva of the tick and thereby increase the risk of infection,” said Dania Richter, which explores the Transmission of Borrelia by ticks at the TU Braunschweig. In the case of adhesives, and Oil could not be ruled out. In addition, the animals die under the poison bell is very slow.


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“The longer an infected tick sucks, the more likely it transmits Lyme Borrelia to humans,” says Richter. As long as the tick’s lurking in the undergrowth, sitting the causative agent is inactive in your colon. With the first drop of blood that reaches them, they begin to multiply, however, and in the body of the tick break up, among other things, in the salivary glands.

Defense with feeling

In experiments in which researchers infected ticks on rodents have set, it took, depending on the study, twelve to 48 hours for the Borrelia bacteria were reached in the host. “Anyone who checks his body in the morning and in the evening thoroughly for ticks, in terms of a possible Transmission of Lyme Borrelia, on a pretty safe side,” says judge.

When you Remove it before all the feeling is in demand. It is best to grasp the tick with pointed tweezers or a tick removal card, if necessary, also the finger nails. Turning is not recommended, no matter in which direction. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend pulling the tick as gently as possible and straight out of the skin. Some experts suggest that turn stimulates the flow of saliva of the spider beast.

Even if you consider the anatomy of the tick, the result is straight Out of meaning. “Instead of a thread of the mouth have tools the tick’s barbs,” explains judge. To solve this, could it help the skin when pulling Out with the fingers slightly hook. Also gently jerking is allowed (graphical representation).

The fear that the head of the tick when Removing stuck and thus the pathogens in the wound directed, incidentally, is unfounded. “Which Head?”, a judge says. “Ticks have no.” What remains occasionally gets stuck, the mouth tools. But this is usually not a problem.

Sheep against Lyme disease

How many people are diagnosed annually in Germany, Lyme disease is unclear. While TBE cases are reported (see graphic), there is the incidence of Lyme disease only for some Federal States of the official data. According to RKI, up to 30 of 100 ticks, depending on the Region of the strains.

How many ticks with Lyme Borrelia are infected, is different, sometimes very small distances, explains the judge. A special role in goats, sheep and cows play: “Lyme Borrelia bacteria survive not only in ruminants,” says Richter. Infected ticks lose even the agents, if you suck up to ruminants.

How exactly this works is still unclear. In the case of a two-year study in Baden-Württemberg judges and a colleague met a ruminant grazing in a cut but on only one infected tick in two hours – at the adjacent country broke in the same time, more than 50.

By the way: The common wood tick, the tick species that infests in Germany people living in the foliage layer in a forest, in the undergrowth or in shady meadows. There he waits on blades of grass and shrubs until an animal or pant leg comes over, he can hold on to. Trees fall ticks are not.

CONCLUSION: no Matter in which direction, ticks should not be from the skin and rotated. Better feeling is Pulling full. So keep the tick, the Lyme disease pathogens are more likely and comes completely out of the skin.