What happens if you swallowed a Lego head?

Six Australian and British scientists have tested in a self-experiment, what happens if you accidentally swallowed the head of a Lego character. What do you appreciate?

To prevent although the majority of parents use a lot of energy, that your toddler toys & Co. to swallow down, this cannot always be avoided. In such cases, many parents are extremely worried and ask a doctor for advice. The most common coins to be swallowed, and there are a number of studies that these are usually to find without any complications after several days in the chair again. The second most frequently swallowed a children’s toy parts. How this affects your well-being, has been investigated

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To close this gap, have started six experts for Pediatrics a self-experiment: you swallowed – in some cases, very with difficulty – a head of a Lego character and the time until this came to light again. Complaints appeared in the test subjects during. It lasted between 1.14 and to 3.04 days until the Lego-heads were eliminated, and one of them was found in a study participant. It is unknown whether he was simply overlooked or today, asymptomatic in his digestive system.

Whether this results in children in the crawling age,,, however, remained unclear. The researchers suggest that concerned parents don’t have to search for swallowed objects not necessarily in the stool of their children, because they are sometimes hard to find.