Electricity instantly relieves depression

Scientists discovered that electrical stimulation of areas of the brain above the eyes can almost instantly cure the symptoms of depression. The results of their study showed that, published the journal Current Biology.“Appliances direct electrical stimulation of the brain allows you to instantly relieve the patients from depression,” stated the scientists.In the healing, and most […]

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The magic word “thank you” relieves depression

The frequent utterance of such words as “thank you” can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Scientists talk about the so-called thank-you therapy. Every parent knows how important it is to teach children to show gratitude towards others. Fresh and on time research has shown that we must all make this effort, because this […]

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The habit of watching TV at night destroys the psyche

Your depression may be to blame for the habit to watch TV at night, said us scientists. The study is published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. In the experiment, conducted by neuroscientists at Ohio state University, one group of rodents was placed under a standard diurnal cycle (16 hours they were in normal daylight, and […]