After an unsuccessful plasty woman was sent to the hospice

A young woman from Texas is now in hospice after plastic surgery in one of the Mexican clinics ended very badly. This is another victim of medical tourism.

36-year-old Laura Avila, successfully employed agent for the sale of real estate were faced with a severe brain injury after a trip to Mexico. There’s this woman decided to undergo a plastic surgery, the cost of which was much lower than at home. Now relatives of Laura’s claim that “her fate is in the hands of God.” In Mexico the woman went along with her fiancé, Enrique in order to pass through rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. She flew there on 30 October, and a few hours was already on the operating table. Unfortunately, the operation ended very badly.

8 hours after start of the procedure, plastic surgeons came to the groom Laura and said that still awaiting the completion of anesthesia. But time passed, and doctors stubbornly repeated these words. Two hours later, they were again told Enrique that the forward end of anesthesia. The man became nervous and demanded that it conceded to the bride. The doctors assured us that everything was perfectly normal, and sometimes the anaesthesia is too long. However, later they did call the ambulance of the General hospital, which immediately transported the patient to the ICU.

There was diagnosed with extensive brain damage and cardiac arrest. Plastic surgeons admitted that they had introduced additional anesthesia in the spine of the patient to immobilize her body, but the shot reached the brain and caused severe swelling. Laura’s relatives believe that this cauterized and became a tragic medical mistake or the doctors just used too many drugs. 4 days later, Laura moved home, she got out of the coma, but never regained consciousness. Currently, the woman arrives at the hospice, and even if she will be able to recover the functionality of the brain she will still be minimal. (READ MORE)