CEW Honors P&G’s Alex Keith With Beauty of Giving Award

P&G Beauty president Alex Keith was the recipient of this year’s CEW Beauty of Giving award.
The executive received the award at the annual Beauty of Giving luncheon held Friday at the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan, which raises funds for the CEW’s Cancer and Careers, a program that helps cancer survivors assimilate back into the workplace.
“P&G Beauty’s support is making it possible to realize our vision, which is to eliminate the fear and uncertainty for working people with cancer,” said Carlotta Jacobson, president of the CEW, before presenting Keith with the honor. “Seventeen years ago, P&G Beauty helped us get started and their generosity has helped us to grow. They enable us to empower survivors, prepare employers, improve workplaces and help us serve as the foremost authority now on work and cancer.”
As Keith accepted her award, she reflected on the impact P&G’s sponsorship with the program has had and stressed the importance of continuing and growing these kinds of initiatives. She stated that P&G will continue its work with Cancer and Careers by doubling its donation in 2019.
“We are here together because we care so deeply about making a positive difference in people’s lives,” she said. “Even though many of us in this room are competitors, this is one place where we can come together for the hundreds of thousands of people who need our help."
An emotional moment during the luncheon was when the CEW invited a cancer survivor, named Angela Perez, to the stage to talk about her experience being diagnosed with cancer and working with the program to garner the strength to go back to work.
“The organization’s strength was giving me back my power,” she said. “It is true my cancer will be with me forever and that is daunting, but I remind myself that forever includes my colleagues that believe in me, my children and my husband. Today I am asking you to help survivors moving forward. Become the coworker who knows what to say when someone is diagnosed and become the type of employer who hires a survivor and gives them the opportunity to shine.”
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