Foods containing collagen, essential for youthful skin

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Why is collagen so important?

Products containing collagen

The foods that promote the production of collagen

What destroys the collagen?

If you want to improve the appearance of skin and slow down the aging process without having to go through scalpels and spending money on fancy cosmetics, then we will tell you about the best products rich in collagenneeded for skin elasticity. Magicforum figured out what is so important collagen.

Certainly you’ve heard about it, as the information about the benefits for our bones, skin and joints is often heard in advertisements of different products from the TV screen. Living in a modern society seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we learned many new terms and concepts. Such terms also include the collagen.

Upon hearing this word, you would think that we are talking about typical shots included in Vogue a few years ago. With the help of collagen injections can be very fast to reduce the number of facial wrinkles, but the effectiveness of this procedure lasts no more than 3 months.

Collagen isalways produced in our body, if we have habits of a healthy lifestyle such as healthy and balanced diet, exercise and no bad habits. So until the studies, injections or beauty products based on collagen will have only a temporary effect.

What we eat directly affects the health of our body and our appearance. But why collagen is good for our body? What useful properties it has? Rich your diet with collagen? Let’s learn a little more about it.

Why is collagen so important?

A protein molecule is, in short, is a protein of the organism, found in tendons, bones and muscles and skin. It is very important because it connects the function of almost all organs, but approximately 30% of proteins are collagen. Why is collagen so necessary for us? And how can I replenish the amount using the products?

Collagen provides the necessary strength, protection and elasticity of the skin. It affects the aging of our cells, being an important anti-aging remedy.

Products containing collagen


It contains about 90% of the collagen protein, besides it is low in calories.


Meat is the main product of our diet. Beef, veal, chicken, venison, pork, goat meat and offal, beef and pig’s feet contain collagen.


It contains collagen is a little smaller than the meat, but it also has an ample amount of this valuable protein. Besides tuna and salmon, contain omega-3 that protect the fatty cell membrane, relieving inflammation, and increasing skin elasticity.

The foods that promote the production of collagen

Products containing sulfur

Sulfur is an essential element for the production of collagen protein. Celery, green olives, black olives, garlic, tofu and bananas are rich in sulfur, and therefore contribute to the production of collagen.

Fruits with vitamin C

This vitaminis involved in the chemical process in the formation of collagen. Thus, the orange, lemon and grapefruit and pineapple, boost production of collagen. In addition to the fact that they are good antioxidants, they prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Red fruit

All the fruit is red, and red vegetables like red peppers and beets are composed of lycopene, as an anti-oxidant promotes the production of collagen.


Broccoli, eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower, spinach and green salads, very useful for the formation of collagen and therefore skin elasticity.

Soy milk

This food product is very important. It has a chemical called genistein, stimulates the production of collagen.


Food, consisting of a large number of lysine promote collagen formation, integrating in basic synthesizing function of chemical processes. Brewer’s yeast, as well as the usual potatoes and seaweed products contain lysine.


This beloved drink is incredibly good for the body, it contains catechins, the so-called tea antioxidants, preventing the destruction of collagen.


To accelerate the production of collagen, it is recommended to often use nuts. Almost all varieties of nuts are rich in this valuable protein. Peanuts, almonds and walnuts contain fatty acids that stimulate the formation of collagen.

Mentioned products are easily available, you just need to know how to combine them, to be able to eat healthy and balanced food.

What destroys the collagen?

Let’s look at some more interesting aspects of collagen. While a balanced diet improves the production of collagen, when the wrong diet and hectic lifestyle, collagen may be depleted. There are a number of proven reasons, which we must avoid, because they affect collagen.


Frequent and prolonged stress leads to rapid damage of collagen.

Excessive consumption of sugar

Large amounts of sugar contributes to glycation, which combines sugars and proteins, forming new molecules that destroy collagen, accelerating skin aging.


It’s not news that tobacco is very harmful to health. Chemicals in tobacco smoke such as nicotine, damage the collagen and elastin. It was also proven negative effects of Smoking on the blood vessels and the outer layers of the skin.

The sun’s rays

Bright sunlight is not very useful for skin as it causes some types of cancer. Prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection, directly affects the elastin, destroying its state and function processes in the body, causing irreparable harm to proper production of collagen.

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