How to make a spray (mist) for face at home

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What properties have sprays for the face?

Recipes that will make mist

How to apply mist?

Mist (from the English. mist — mist) was originally developed as dermatological products to be used in hospitals to treat burns, but the beauty industry is quickly spotted the product, imbues the skin with life-giving moisture, due to which she looks younger and hydrated. The use of sprays for the face (misty) became part of the treatments for the skin and refreshing means rescuing girls during a long flight or staying in a stuffy office. Magicforum figured out how to make mist for the face.

The main ingredient in the sprays for the face is water. However, the type of water and its mineral composition vary widely. Some Misto consist only of water, which has a high concentration of natural antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful environmental influences. Another category of misty contains oils, extracts and other components that solve certain problems: redness, dryness, aging skin, excess sebum.

What properties have sprays for the face?


When used properly, the mist will provide moisture for your skin for the whole day. It works most effectively when applied under a moisturizer because it improves the absorption of beneficial ingredients of the cream and prevents their evaporation. Sprays with the addition of moisturizing ingredients can be used “solo” — without the use of additional moisturizers.


Indoors, airplane air is dry and stale, it negatively affects the skin. In such cases, and useful for mist — he will revive tired face and freshen up after a long flight or a hard day.


Spray with a good mineral composition, especially high content of antioxidants such as selenium help to restore the pH balance of the skin. The mineral-rich water will strengthen the protective function of the skin and its ability to resist negative environmental factors.


Puffiness irritation — he will calm the skin burnt in the sun, relieve inflammation after shaving.

5.Fix and refresh make-up.

If you put the mist under a moisturizer, will make an ideal basis for makeup. Sprinkle with spray face, covered with dust and you have a wet finish, make-up remain fresh for the whole day!

Mist for face can be used to separate the layers of make — up to fix them each has product, whether it’s primer, toner or blush. This contributes to a better “grip” of products and prevents them from rolling.

We understand the concept of mist, looked what the properties of this tool, now proceed to the main point — how to make mist.

Recipes that will make mist

Before you 6 recipes homemade sprays for the face — a simple, safe and completely natural! For their preparation you need to mix all the components and pour the ready spray in a bottle with a sprayer. Misto, which is composed of tea or juice needs to be stored in the refrigerator, the rest can stand on the shelf in the bathroom.

Refreshing cucumber mist

This is perfect for the summer — he will calm the deification of the sun the skin will cool and nourish it with moisture.


lime juice — 1/2 tsp;.

the aloe Vera juice — 1 tsp;.

juice of 1 cucumber (peeled cucumber rubbed on a grater, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth);

rose water or floral water of orange — 1/2 Cup;

filtered water — 1/2 Cup;

Mist for oily skin with lavender and witch hazel.

A refreshing facial spray that is ideal for the owners of oily and problematic skin; helps to fight acne.


water (hydrolate) witch hazel — 1/2 tsp;.

lavender essential oil — 5 drops;

filtered water — 1 Cup.

A rejuvenating mist with rose water.

This moisturizing and refreshing facial spray, which nourishes the skin and helps fight signs of aging.


vitamin E oil — 4 drops;

rose water — 1/2 Cup;

filtered water — 1/2 Cup;

essential oil ylang ylang — 2 drops;

rose essential oil — 2 drops.

Moisturizing mist with glycerin.


filtered water — 1 Cup;

essential oil of rose or orange — 4 drops;

glycerin — 1 tbsp

Tea revitalizing mist.

This spray is rich in antioxidants that fight premature aging and the negative effects of the environment.


cold green tea — 1 Cup:

essential oil of tea tree 3 drops.

Brew a bag of green tea in a mug of boiling water after the tea has cooled, add the essential oil.

Anti-bacterial mist with witch hazel.

Thanks to its bactericidal properties, this spray will be a great help in the fight against acne.


filtered water — 1 Cup ;

lavender essential oil — 2 drops;

rose essential oil — 2 drops;

water (hydrolate) witch hazel — 1 tsp.

How to apply mist?

Before each use shake the bottle well, when applying, keep the spray at a distance of 15 cm from the face.

To improve the absorption of beneficial ingredients of the moisturizer, sprinkle mistom cleansed face, apply to damp skin of the serum (if any), and then a moisturizer.

If your spray does not contain essential oils, glycerin or hyaluronic acid components, which help the skin to retain moisture, plus you do not want to apply a moisturizer — don’t let mistou to dry on your face, because it evaporates, it will take moisture from the skin. Spray the face spray and after 30-60 seconds, blot the excess with a napkin.

If you want to fix or refresh your makeup, give it a wet finish, spray after application, DAB is not necessary! When you separate the layers of makeup, wait until the mist has dried and then apply the following means.

I want to remind everyone that “mist” with English translated as mist, so the skin after use should be moist, but not wet!

Recipe citrus spray! You will need: 2 orange, 2 lemon, 2 capsules of vitamin E. Remove from fruit peel and pour over it a pint of boiling water, leave overnight. In the morning strain the liquid, add the vitamin E and mix ready pour into spray bottle spray.

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