The female body is aging parts

Scientists from the University of California said that the aging process in the female body is not uniform: some parts can not long retain a youthful appearance, while others are clearly old. The first target of age-related changes is not a woman’s neck, as many believe, but a woman’s bust, experts noted.

The study was conducted by a scanning technique for accurate measurements of biological age in all tissues and organs of the female body. In total, this survey was attended by 1,000 women. The data obtained scientists compared with results of genetic analysis in people both healthy and suffering from cancer.

Thus, the experts were able to establish that the female breast is genetically predisposed to rapid aging and, most likely, gets old first in the female body.

“Breast in women most vulnerable to age – related changes in mammary tissue are aging significantly faster than other parts of their bodies. In case it is accompanied by serious diseases, the aging process happens faster,” stated the study authors.
They added that if a woman has breast cancer, a tumor the process of aging is faster in almost 10 years.In addition, the aging female body accelerate factors such as Smoking, alcohol, obesity and repeated pregnancies.

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