Escape Hour – An Excellent Date Idea

Your date will never expect you to take her to Escape Hour. Thus, it is a great surprise and girls always love surprises. You can even blindfold her but she will need to deposit all her belongings inside the locker room. After that, she was not able to prepare for the quest room. It is alright since you won’t be able to do anything to prepare for it anyway. Yes, there is nothing in Calgary in Edmonton that will prepare you for what Escape Hour has to offer.

They are pretty good at giving you your money’s worth. Better reserve ahead of time escape room Edmonton because you would not want to keep your date waiting if the next available time is pretty far. Hence, better make sure your date is available for a certain date then book ahead of time on their website. Besides, it won’t take a lot of time to do so anyway. The important thing is your date would have fun. If you see her as someone who is competitive, then she will certainly have fun. In fact, that could be one of the reasons why you like the girl and you end up inviting her out. This could be your second or third date with her and you decide to do it and see what happens after that.

You will see right away whether your date is enjoying Escape Hour or not. The look on her face would certainly tell the entire story. If she is looking around trying to figure out what to do next to solve the puzzle, then you know she is having fun. However, if she looks disappointed and she just wants to get it over with then you know you made the mistake. However, you can always do the proper research and try to impress your date by making the right decisions.

While you are trying to get through the quest game, you can hold your date’s hand and see how she reacts to that. There is no harm in trying to do so and you may think it is more romantic to do that instead of doing it at the movies. Besides, you are faced with atrocity right in front of you and you have no other choice but to solve the thing together. If your date has no choice but be paired with you, it would feel great but to do things together with her.