How do mustard plasters, banks, inhalation of hot steam

Home treatments is a habit, a tradition or a truly effective treatment?..Many people still use vinegar and vodka to the friction at high temperature, soar feet in hot water with mustard, drinking milk with goat fat cough. The meaning of many of these procedures remains elusive, but it seems to be valid because it continues to be used. So is there a sense lecithoceridae, banks and inhalation over the kettle?

These three home treatment one common principle, which allows them to exert their therapeutic effect. In fact, they help the body cope with the disease of their resources.

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The most important thing to know: it is impossible to hold a hot steam inhalation to a child under 6 years. At this age, a high risk of laryngospasm, and hot steam, passing through the trachea, may cause severe swelling.

Hot inhalations classic home treatment for the cough. The point is that moist air gets into the trachea and bronchi, the vapor is deposited on their walls and liquefies dry mucus. After two or three such treatments, the cough becomes easier and begins to move away mucus.

But now they’re saying that steam does not penetrate into the bronchi and lower trachea, because to treat bronchitis inhalation is ineffective. Anyway, but inhalation is all the same work.

An important component of the procedure of inhalation is a reflex action on the respiratory tract. In order to make uniform and deep breath, the man includes additional respiratory muscles. Hot steam is irritating to the surface of the trachea and increases the blood flow to the respiratory system of tubes in General. Full lungs fill with air, blood circulation improves there, which naturally leads to the restoration of normal secretion of mucus.

It is important to know that if the patient is not drinking enough fluid with bronchitis, the effect of inhalation is minimal.

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The meaning of mustard plasters on the chest when coughing, or on the back of the head when a headache is very simple: it is also the involvement of reflexes. When coughing to the sternum, put the shot, in the zone of the reflex increases blood circulation and number of cells of the immune system, which will be in the bronchi, there will be more. Aktiviziruyutsya nerve endings, and the stimulation of secretory cells in the bronchi: produce more mucus.

Safety rules when setting strike to the sternum: it is impossible to put on the chest of the yellow card man with ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, tachycardia, pericarditis, children up to 6 years.

The yellow card at the back helps to relieve headache, reflex redistributing the blood, and removing the focus of irritation from the area where it hurts.

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как ставить банки

Banks and cupping massage helps to improve lymph drainage, accelerate blood circulation in the area, and also involves cutaneous-visceral reflex. In addition, it is believed that additional stimulation of nonspecific immunity is obtained through the bruising from cupping. These round dark circles on the back.

Banks on the back of the impact and not the work of the heart: slowing heart rate, decreasing blood pressure.

Children’s banks can’t be put.

Banks are considered as the tool of Chinese medicine, and now in Europe are used as a expensive procedure.

Not to say that this tool should be recommended to use: it is not very humane, even when viewed from the side. But you can bet the banks will, because people see the effect they have.

If what you are used to treat, you help, it means that it is a good tool. Perhaps some habits should be revised and that of a traditional replaced with a modern and simple. Be careful with homemade ways to treat children and the elderly.


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