How to help the intestines

The stomach and the intestine vital organs, which directly affect the health of the whole body. Everything that gets to our organism with food, passes strict scrutiny.

Therefore it is important to keep these organs in a healthy condition. Most try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat only healthy and fresh food, but we all know that is not always the case.

Cause of diarrhea rotavirus?

Somewhere had a bite on the go; popped into a local shop, not to spend time in the supermarket; on vacation decided to try exotic food; the child came from the garden, complaining roboticaly remember the case when the stomach was felt. It is very important in such moments is not to get lost, and quickly alleviate the condition and then, if necessary, consult a doctor.

To effectively combat the disease need to understand how it works to choose a tool which can handle best.

Studies say that most often diarrhea, especially in children, occurs due to viruses, including rotavirus. Once in the intestine, the viruses penetrate into the cells of his shell and break all the normal processes. The villi covering the intestine from the inside and helps the transportation and absorption of nutrients begin to break down. Because of this disrupted the production of useful mucus, which serves as a barrier for harmful bacteria, toxins and viruses. The intestines cease to perform their barrier function and to protect us from aggressive foreign invaders.

The first task in the event of acute symptoms, such as diarrhoea, to help the intestinal mucosa to recover and again become a barrier to penetration of viruses.

Soft treatment

Specifically this was developed for the drug Drug, registered under the trade name Strawberry Smectite, Smectite Orange-Vanilla, Vanilla Smectite. This is the original enterosorbent with proven research activity and unique abilities.

  • First, the active substance is diosmectite. The structure of these molecules: each consists of three layers containing silicon and aluminum. Due to this structure, molecules are able to attract and hold harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, bile acids and intestinal gas without affecting the nutrients.
  • Secondly, Smectite improves the quality and quantity of beneficial mucus in the intestines. Restores its protective barrier, blocking the road aggressive germs trying to penetrate inside and causing various diseases.
  • Third, the Drug helps to reduce pain and frequency of bowel movements with intestinal disorders. This is especially important for children are worse than adults, tolerate the discomfort and discomfort.

The recommended treatment for diarrhoea from 3 days, but the symptom relief may feel immediately after the start of treatment. The drug can be administered to children from 1 month to adults and, therefore, Smectite can be recommended for the treatment of the whole family.

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