Mom Makes Coronavirus Masks for the Tooth Fairy at 7-Year-Old Daughter's Request

"I want to wish you a happy day, and say thank you to your mom for sewing my mask," the sweet note continued. "She seems like the best mom ever. Be sure to tell her that as often as you can. Love, T.F."

"*Small edit since everyone is very concerned about Dad," Westhouse concluded her post, "he was the one who 'helped' the tooth fairy write this letter, so I think he is ok not getting a shout out. The tooth fairy also left a dollar under his pillow for his birthday … so 😉," she quipped.

The feel-good post has gone viral since it went live two weeks ago, racking up more than 33,000 reactions, 4,000 comments and 32,000 shares.

"My fairy-obsessed daughter has her first loose tooth. So glad you already took care of this for the tooth fairy (because I know my daughter will ask me about this!), and I can show her a picture of the tiny mask! Thank you!" one particularly touching comment read.

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