Ukrainian MPs plan mass closure of pharmacies

Today, 5 noyabrya at the Verkhovna Rada gathered pharmacists. People mitingovali for the initiative of deputies. Certified pharmacists are afraid to remain without work. After all, the MPs plan to reduce the number of pharmacies across the country. However, according to some MPs, they are going to eliminate the monopoly on the pharmacy market.

Pharmacists rally against the closure of pharmacies

So,Oksana Logvin, OO pharmacy chamber told about the purpose of the meeting pharmacists:

We have gathered today to speak out against the draft 8591, which is under consideration of the Parliament. The bill 8591 is anteryon, it threatens the entire industry. After the adoption of the law of mass will be closed pharmacies.

After the bill is passed, no work can remain more than 40,000 certified pharmacists, say in the profile Association. MPs propose a plan: one region, one company can not open more than eight pharmacies. Aptechnaya and does want to ban. Deputies believe that monopoly to artificially raise prices for drugs. However, the owners of pharmacies and pharmacists assure that the closure of pharmacies will lead to a rise in price of medicines.

Vladimir Rudenko, the Director of the Pharmacy professional Associativearray:

Today on the territory of Ukraine a significant number of pharmacies competing. In particular, by establishing the best price offer for patients. The average retail markup on drugs is 19% in Ukraine. And constantly decreasing. In the absence of competition in the immediate radius of a pharmacy may manipulate the price, increasing it significantly.

The pharmaceutical business is socially important, noted in pharmacy professional organizations. But the new law will impose additional barriers to access to medicines for older people and people from remote villages.

Igor Chervonenko, Chairman of the Board of GS pharmacy professional Association of Ukraine, OOO farmastor said:

For this we need to get together and recreate, to develop a proper law that will regulate the whole chain, from the manufacturer to pharmacies and the end consumer. We have put forward such a proposal, but has not yet been heard. Is incomprehensible pressure and pushing through law which is not aimed at creating and reforming, but simply at the destruction with a strange posledstviyami.

Pharmacy owners predict that this law will entail a new division of the pharmaceutical market.

Sergey Danielyan, co-owner of PF Gamma 55:

Today it is possible to look for different ways of regulation of the pharmaceutical market. But, let’s at least stay within the framework of the Ukrainian legislation!

In addition, to open a pharmacy plan only allow people with pharmaceutical education. And this is nothing like the discriminatory norm, experts say. Although the MPs plan to provide entrepreneurs a one-year transition period. However, in order to obtain the diploma of the pharmacist, have 5 years to study in the University.

Owners of pharmacy chains ready to sit down at a round table with MPs to discuss the reform of the sector.

Source: Inter