Viola Davis Speaks About Being Diagnosed As A Prediabetic

To see Viola Davis perform on screen is purely magical! Name an accolade that she doesn’t have in her bag, from an Emmy to an Oscar – she has achieved it all. In real life, however, the prominent actress has been struggling with prediabetes diagnosis for the last couple of years.

While there might be different reasons because of which millions of people worldwide struggle with this condition, in Viola’s case, it’s due to a history of diabetes in her family. In fact, the problem emerged even after following a healthy lifestyle that included everything from exercising regularly to eating in balance. Apparently, all that was not enough to keep her protected from the incurable medical condition.

Precisely, prediabetes is a state that indicates the risk of developing diabetes in a person. According to reliable facts, around 84 million people in America have been diagnosed with the same, but like any other normal human being, Viola had the feeling of being the only one to suffer. That being said, the award-winning performer decided to face the challenge by channelizing her energy towards her health and well-being. In an effort to fight against the disease, the film star became a part of A Touch of Sugar, a documentary that speaks about the extremely common health issue.

Out of all the factors that keep her going, Viola’s biggest encouragement comes from her beloved daughter Genesis. She might be a celebrity for the outside world, but for the 8-year-old, she is just her mother who wants to be there for her child. Besides, she also gets motivated by her two sisters who have been battling with type 2 diabetes. As they share a common struggle, it has brought them even closer to each other. “Maybe their lives have changed entirely after the disease, but it’s remarkable how they are doing their part to go on with it”.

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