4 Ways To Update Your Beauty Routine This Spring

Who doesn’t love Spring? With its longer, warmer days, shopping for new summer dresses and eating lunch in the park again, everything feels optimistic. It’s also the time when you feel a weird urge to declutter and get rid of stuff that’s no longer serving you (buh-bye big bulky coat). Right now is also the perfect time to re-evaluate your beauty routine and give it a clean-up. Here are our tips for hitting refresh.

1. Clean up your makeup bag

Winter means we often use heavier foundations, face creams and fake tans, the residue of which is often left all over your make-up bag. Not to mention the cracked compacts and random glittery bits that live inside. Dump out the contents and either give the insides a good clean with make-up remover wipes or if it’s machine washable, put it in your next hot wash. If the lining is peeling or the make-up stains won’t budge, it’s time to invest in a new one.

2. Update your daily moisturiser

Yes, facial sunscreen should be a part of your every day, every season routine, when the UV index is 3 or above… but it’s easy to get slack about it over the Winter months. The UV index will rise in Spring, to protect your skin from the damaging effects of exposure, and to help prevent the signs of premature skin ageing, try new Cancer Council Face Day Wear range, designed for everyday use. They are SPF50+ and offer broad spectrum protection, with moisturising ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E. They are available in light, medium and untinted formulas so you can use them as a base for under make up, or use solo.

3. Go for lighter and brighter colours

Now the dark days are over, you can ditch the blood red and black manis and dramatic eyes and add some freshness to your look with coral or orange-red nails and a swipe of pink or pinky gold blush on your cheekbones, which suits pretty much everyone. If you like lighter make-up coverage in the Spring, switch to a tinted moisturiser or BB cream and leave the heavier foundations for nights out, or just mix a few drops of your foundation in with your moisturiser for a DIY tint.

4. Bring out the polish

Cold, winter air, combined with low humidity and the dryness from heaters can leave you with dry, itchy skin, plus scaly elbows, knees and random flaky patches. Give your skin a makeover by investing in a new body polish for the shower. Use an oil-based scrub for extra moisture and it’ll work double duty after a shower too, just pat dry and let the oil do its work. Remember to apply a moisturiser with SPF to protect that freshly exfoliated skin.

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