5 ways to raise the level of platelets in the blood

Experts called the five solid products which allow to increase the content of platelets in the blood. From this indicator depends on many pathological processes.

Let’s start with the popular in Russia and beloved gooseberry. He is considered one of the most effective products to increase the production of platelets in the blood. Gooseberry strengthens the immune system. By the way, the victims of Dengue often recommend to include in the diet of juice of a gooseberry. Better to use it early in the morning and on an empty stomach or just eat 3-4 berries.

Coconut oil is considered effective in increasing platelets in the blood, because it contains lots of healthy fats and other nutrients. Use coconut oil for cooking, it can also be added to smoothies and salads.

A high protein diet increases the amount of platelets in the blood. Lean on lean meats and fish, the researchers believe that fish oil has the ability to affect platelet counts.

Grenades full of nutrients that are considered powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which strengthen the immune system. Various studies have shown that pomegranates increase the content of platelets that result in preventing many diseases.

Well, concludes our small list of pumpkin. It increases the number of platelets because of the high levels of vitamin A. Pumpkin also regulates proteins that are produced by the cells of our body.For maximum advantages, drink half a glass of pumpkin juice twice or thrice a day. (READ MORE)