A prostate tumor can be intercepted in the toilet

The number of tumors of the prostate in Russia is constantly increasing. Experts have called the first warning symptom that men should pay attention to.

In November in some countries in the month of tumors of the prostate gland, during which the representatives of the stronger sex are campaigning through diagnostic medical check-up. Also doctors and other experts talk about the symptoms of this cancer, which in many regions of our planet is most common among men. In Russia this indicator prostate cancer in second place, and most of all our men develop lung cancer because of their addiction to Smoking. Of prostate tumors are dangerous to health and life, and the sooner you find them, the higher the chances of a full recovery.

Unfortunately, many men have prostate cancer to a certain stage does not show any symptoms, therefore it is so difficult to detect. That’s why you should pay attention to the characteristic changes of his body, and one of the main problem with urination. The fact that the prostate is an organ located between the penis and bladder. Therefore, any problems with urination often indicate problems with the prostate gland, including cancer. These issues include the need for more frequent visits to the toilet or difficulty when emptying the bladder. Of course, not in all cases, we are talking about cancer, most men have to hear from the doctors about benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is not life-threatening. But it is better to err and go through the diagnostics.

Other common symptom of prostate cancer include a sudden drop in libido, that is, the development of impotence and inability to maintain an erection that develops over the years, and for a few months. Pay attention to the pain in the bones, especially the ribs, hips and back, which may indicate the beginning of cancer metastasis. Another characteristic feature is a sudden loss of appetite and weight loss. (READ MORE)