A quarrel with a partner benefit from the relationship

A study conducted in India showed that a quarrel with life partners can be good for relationships, and even dangerous, if, for example, the couple quarrel once a week. This project was carried out by staff of the portal Shaadi com in cooperation with experts of the analytical Agency IMRB.

Psychologists watched the behavior of married couples and came to the conclusion that the periodic quarrels between couples improve relationships.

“Quarrels and constructive approach to the discussion of issues defuse the situation in the family, relieve stress and have a more beneficial impact on the home atmosphere in General,” – commented on the usefulness of the quarrels for a relationship psychologists.
Experts believe that targetingideaselector and resentment of the partner inside far worse to live than to fight. At the same time, scientists noted that a quarrel going on palsulich those partners who can also discuss their problems.

Psychologists have noticed that to fight properly – often with the showdown people just exchange insults. Specialists advised to remember that the reason why partners feel out of control, got mad and came into conflict, not as important as how they manage to cope with the situation. So don’t start a conversation with your partner with accusations and insults – this will force him on the defensive and respond in kind.

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