Because of the fear of the doctor operation, can move

Jumps do you have blood pressure, when you meet with the doctor? If so, the planned surgery may be cancelled due to white coat syndrome.

There are a large number of people whose blood pressure jumps depending on the level of anxiety. And this level is increased in stressful situations, for example, when meeting with the doctor. When we come to the interview with the doctor, and it expands the cuff to measure blood pressure, we sometimes feel fear about the fact that this measurement is too high. And it really is so. Western psychologists even call this phobia white coat syndrome or fear of doctors. But the saddest thing is that if a person with this syndrome scheduled for surgical operation, and his pressure, what is called, rushes into the stratosphere because of the fear of doctors, then this operation can cancel or reschedule.

Surgery on patients suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, are considered more risky. Usually if a person is given anesthesia, his blood pressure may rise and then rapidly fall depending on the drugs used. These races are under the strict control of the anesthesiologist, but hypertension often cause heart attacks or strokes. Therefore, elective surgical patients to try to calm and lead in such a condition, when the pressure stabiliziruemost. This can be achieved either through a long course of drugs, either by visiting a therapist.

Today in British hospitals is even a rule that elective surgical operations are performed only with those patients who have blood pressure in the past 12 months did not exceed 160/100. If the figure is higher, then operation is transferred. Experts believe that white coat syndrome is observed in every fourth patient. (READ MORE)