Best home remedies for dry eye

Tens of thousands of Russians regularly face the dry eye syndrome. Doctors from Germany spoke about some effective home remedies for this disorder.

To begin with, because of my poor sleep at night, people often appear dry eyes. Order eyes received enough moisture, we need adequate sleep. Be sure to spend at night at least 8 hours.

When carrying out any works that require eye strain, take breaks. This is especially true of the computer where you blink often enough. The same applies to mobile phones and even watching TV.

During the day we need to drink plenty of fluids to combat the dry eye. Among drinks that are perfect to combat this syndrome, coconut water, water with lime, fresh fruit juices, homemade smoothies and, finally, the ordinary pure water is the most valuable thing we can give to our body.

Suffering from vitamin D deficiency, people predisposed to developing dry eye syndrome. In Russia, this deficit is common due to our Northern and cloudy climates. Try every Sunny day be sure to go out in the sun and sunbathe, even in winter. Well add eating fatty fish, egg yolks, sunflower seeds, and walnuts in order to raise the level of vitamin D.

To improve blood circulation and to relax the eye area you can use warm compresses. Apply them twice a day. For washing the eye area you can use even a mild or baby shampoo. This will help to distinguish the oil from the lacrimal glands. (READ MORE)