Called six signs of good health

Doctors called six signs, which is at home to determine good health. The study is especially relevant for modern man, often do not have free time to pass all the required tests and passing examinations.

The first sign of good health, strong hair, pointing to peace of mind and proper nutrition. Reverse indicates a weakening of the immune system and the urgent need for vitamins. The second characteristic is a sufficient density of nails and the absence of them white scrapin. The appearance of Horny plates on any of the spots indicates the deterioration of the normal functioning of the body.

The third property of good health, the absence of inflammation in the mouth and bleeding gums. Tooth sensitivity can be associated with heart diseases and unpleasant smell from the mouth – with disorder of the digestive tract. The fourth feature – normal stool, no constipation or diarrhea.

The fifth criterion of a good state of the body is enough sleep. With regular lack of sleep increases the chances of development of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Due to lack of sleep, a person will be easily irritated, to be in a bad mood and easily be exposed to various infectious diseases.

The sixth indicator of proper health scientists called in social services. A number of psychological studies have shown: the wider human social circle, the less he is subject to mental disorders.