Celebrate Sexual Reciprocity In Libra Season With Some 69-ing

Alright, so you’ve made it through the productivity gauntlet of Virgo season (probably several spreadsheets wiser) and now you take the sweet steps into the curated autumnal party of Libra season. Ruled by Venus, Libra is an air sign’s air sign. Bringing forth lively intellectual conversation, a sense for aesthetics and a gut-level need for harmony and justice, Libra season invites you to fall in love a lot (and to make everyone else fall in love with you on the way down) and to take and give in the way that feels right for you. Which brings us to the most glorious give-and-take sex position: 69.

A position known for being a punchline (and the nicest number), 69 can feel a bit busy and all over the place. You’re trying to do your thing with your mouth and enjoy all the wonders of your partner doing their best on you — all while managing your limbs and technique to make sure no one gets a knee to the face or an elbow to the stomach. But even if you prefer taking turns, the spirit of 69 is all about reciprocity and mutually pleasurable sex.

And finding that sweet balance between giving and receiving, loving and being loved and enjoying and being enjoyed — that’s a big Libra season mood.


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“Libra is big on equality and fairness, and you need an open-minded mate who wants to share and share alike,” as the AstroTwins write about the sign of the scales. “You’re equal parts sugar and spice. You like to debate (for fun only—your peace-loving sign hates conflict). You want to be with someone who’s passionate about a few issues, though not too forceful.”

So, yeah, we’re talking about 69 but we’re not just talking about 69. We’re talking about balance and being conscious of reciprocity (which can be hard! Life gets unsexy and unbalanced often and we all take turns needing to do the caring and being cared for.)

In relationships of all kinds, a sense of balance between yourself and your partner is invaluable — as well as the wisdom to know when you need to restore that balance a little. It means you’ve got the sense to listen, to try and understand their wants and needs and provide as well as be let yourself be provided for (emotionally, physically, whatever). So even if you aren’t going forth and engaging in fun mutual orgasms (even if oral’s not for everyone — you can always just play with toys) it helps to think about the things you can do (big and small) to find what that sense of balance looks like for you and your partner.

And, in true Libra season fashion, I think you’ll find that balance pretty damn beautiful.

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