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Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatments often recommended for the treatment of chronic low back pain. But how effective are these methods, and can they be considered safe? Here is what this says about the official science.

Chiropractic for pain in the lower back

Advocates of chiropractic claim that manipulation of the spine can cure a variety of diseases, and vertebral subluxations interfere with the functions of the body and its natural ability to heal itself. For such a loud statement chiropractic was regularly criticized by the medical community, but less popular became. 100 years ago, and today, chiropractic is often used for the treatment of back pain and lumbago.

In 2010, researchers from the independent organisation the Cochrane collaboration has reviewed the 12 thematic scientific works involving 2887 persons with nonspecific pains in the lower back. Discomfort in the low back arise from them without specific reasons, ie no osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis, or sciatica patients were not.

The review showed that chiropractic really can reduce the pain and reduce the risk of disability in the short term. Does it have a clinically significant advantage over other methods of pain management? Such data the scientists there, because not too voodushevlenno if chiropractor will promise you a complete cure.It should also be remembered that chiropractic (or any other manual therapy) involves certain risks: worsening pain, displacement of the vertebrae and herniated disc.

Associated symptoms:

Knee painVomitingNausea Pain in the lumbar region Lower back pain

Massage for back pain

Massage is one of the main methods of treatment of back pain, but in regard to its effectiveness, the researchers are not too optimistic. According to the Cochrane collaboration, massage relieves acute, subacute and chronic non-specific back pain only in the short term.

In 2015, experts изучили25 randomized clinical trials involving 3096. Only one study included patients with acute pain in the lumbar region; others complained of subacute pain and chronic discomfort.Massage performed better than acupuncture, stretching, or relaxation, reduced pain and accelerated recovery. But to guarantee the absence of pain in the future, the massage, unfortunately, can not.

Acupuncture for pain in lower back

Kitaiskoi medicine acupuncture (acupuncture)are traditionally used for the treatment of pain, nausea and other somatic symptoms, but анализ29 studies involving 17,922 people with back pain, neck and shoulders showed that the Onan always works more effective than drugs or placebo. According to a survey by the who in 2003, acupuncture can also be recommended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, biliary colic, depression, dysmenorrhea, headache, knee pain, nausea, vomiting and other disorders. However, not all scientists agree with the experts of the Organization: in 2005 the authoritative journal The Lancet has released a critical article and accused the who of being biased and the use of low-quality clinical trials.


If you do decide on acupuncture, be aware of the risks, to use only sterile needles are disposable and choose qualified professionals. However, even presence of the diploma of acupuncturist does not guarantee that the procedure will help to get rid of back pain.

Associated diseases:

Headache (cephalalgia)DysmenorrheaDepressionHerniaSciatica Rheumatoid arthritisOsteoporosis