Drying clothes in the apartment is bad

Medical experts have stated that drying clothes in the apartment is bad for health. Drying linen in the dwelling has a negative impact on the condition of people who are prone to asthma, seasonal allergies and other diseases, said experts.

“The linen humidity, lack of ventilation, poor air quality indoors – this poses a serious threat to health,” said researchers.
According to them, the damage from drying Laundry inside the apartment closely associated with high concentrations of dust mites, mold and mildew in the air. The premises are poorly ventilated, and evaporation from wet linen, which is dried in the apartment, create a favorable environment for reproduction of microorganisms.

Also, added the experts, consider that many when washing clothes use air conditioners and various fabric softeners. When dry such clothes in the air is the “cocktail” of chemicals, and breathe in the apartment people. Some of these chemicals can cause very serious harm – for example, they can affect the body as carcinogens.

If there is no other way to dry clothes, but to hang it in the room, the scientists suggest to use for this isolated territory, for example, a room that is rarely used. The bedroom and bathroom for this purpose is strictly not suitable. Also at the time of drying clothes in the apartment to ensure that the room in which the dryer is well ventilated.

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