Due to lack of sleep women are more often at risk of falling and fractures

The study showed that active treatment of sleep problems lowers the risk of falls. Scientists have found that nevisians women to seek the services of specialists.

Conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh study showed that consuming to sleep every night 7 to 8 hours a women is 25% lower risk of falls compared with those who sleep less than 5 and more than 10 hours a day. This is another confirmation of how important it is to human health normal sleep patterns. Particularly relevant findings for older women, for whom the fall can result in serious injury, including hip fractures. Statistics show that these fractures are the cause of the large number of disabilities and premature deaths in women.

The researchers observed more than 150 000 women for 12 years and a half. It turned out that the number of falls and fractures among women who slept 7 to 8 hours per day was approximately 7%. Among those who slept less than 5-6 hours, this figure increased to 10.6%, and it reached as much as 11.8 percent among women who slept more than 10 hours a day. In other words, for women’s health is dangerous not only deficit but also to excess of sleep.

Observations also showed that sleep disorders lead to repeated falls, which is even more dangerous. Apparently, badly resting at night, the brain is somewhat weakened by the coordination of movements, and that increases the risk of falls. Well, now the Russians need to be especially careful, because in the winter from-for ice the number of falls and fractures increases dramatically. (READ MORE)