Gel contraceptive is created for men

Scientists again say that is very close to the creation of the first effective medical contraceptive for men. We are talking about the gel, suspending the production of sperm.

U.S. regulators gave the nod to test ludacrisvevo in the history of the gel with the effect of the contraceptive. This was reported in the National institutes of health on Wednesday. Representatives of the stronger sex have limited options for contraceptive use. In fact,men have only two choices: condom or vasectomy – a surgical procedure that blocks the flow of sperm into the canal of the penis. While a vasectomy is a permanent procedure, so it is not too popular among men. On the other hand, women have dozens of means of contraception, but many of them are accompanied by quite severe side effects. That is why scientists have long been struggling to create a relatively safe male contraceptive based medicine.

If this gel will be safe and effective, it will be the first new contraceptive for men since the introduction of the broad practice of the condoms that occurred in the early nineteenth century. Note that by itself, the condom is highly reliable contraceptive, but many men just don’t like to wear it on the penis as it reduces the level of excitement and pleasure from sex. Sometimes men use a condom incorrectly, so that the level of “failure” is 13%.

Perhaps for this reason, 45% of all pregnancies in USA are unwanted or unplanned. Female contraceptives vary in degree of effectiveness, but most often the ladies use oral means. The probability of pregnancy while using oral contraceptives is 9%, and in most cases this is due to the fact that women simply do not take them in time. (READ MORE)