Harmful as 100 cigarettes: How dangerous are water-pipes really

Shisha Bars are now found in every German city. However, experts warn that water-pipe Smoking harms just as much as the consumption of 100 cigarettes.

They come with Apple – vanilla or strawberry tobacco and also pipes in Germany, becoming more and more popular: Oriental Water or Shishas. But your enjoyment is not as harmless as many people think. “The Kids lured the cool, sweet tobacco. Its taste makes you incorrectly assume that it is harmful,“ says the scientist Tracey E. Barnett from the University of Florida to the English-language service of the news Agency Reuters. She has investigated the hookah Trend among American teenagers. The water pipe was not accepted in society, rather than the consumption of cigarettes, a safe Alternative for you.

Even those who once smoke could bring in a poisoning with carbon monoxide, or diseases such as tuberculosis, Herpes or the flu. Regular use could lead to the scientist, to heart disease and various types of cancer.

Water does not filter toxins

The tobacco in the hookah mountains of the same hazards as the one in cigarettes. The water, with the water works whistle, so the scientist continue to filter the toxins.

A hookah Session lasts according to the world health organization, the average of 20 to 80 minutes, says Reuters. During this time, the smokers inhaled the Smoke at least 100 cigarettes. The news Agency quoted a study in the urine of regular Shisha smokers, a similar amount of nicotine has been demonstrated as in the case of smokers who smoke around ten cigarettes per day. In the current literature, the Shisha will use in connection with diseases such as chronic Bronchitis, lung cancer, oral cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, and complications during pregnancy. Through the Sharing of the mouth pieces could be infected smokers with Hepatitis C, and Herpes.