Heart strain investigated: How dangerous is a Marathon for recreational runners is

Berlin, Boston or New York – each year, tens of thousands of runners at marathon races in these cities at the Start. The heart of learning health – especially Amateur sport – may well suffer, a new study now.

A marathon is an extreme burden on the heart. With a full marathon of 42.195 kilometres in length, of the content of certain biomarkers, which indicate a stressed heart, the increases of Spanish researchers in the journal Circulation, the Journal of the American Heart Association reports. The extent to which this increase increase in the long term, the risk for heart disease, was unclear. For many Amateurs it is run is probably more appropriate, shorter routes, for example, a half-marathon.

Especially men are affected

A few years ago a study had shown that about one out of 100,000 marathon runners suffer during the race having a cardiac arrest. In more than two-thirds (71 percent) of the then-considered cases that ended with death. Were affected mainly men. From other studies it is already known that in a Marathon, the amount of certain biomarkers increases, the display is a strain on the heart. This will, however, deemed critical, since the salary normalise after a few days, the scientists write to Juan Del Coso from the Camilo José Cela University in Villafranca del Castillo in Spain.

To be able to the clinical relevance of accurate judge, studied runners, the researchers, the heart load with a total of 63 Amateur. They stocked three athletes who competed in key characteristics such as age, body, the long-term were similar to the risk for heart disease and running experience, into three groups. Each one ran a Ten-Kilometer run, a half marathon and a full marathon. Before and after the race, the researchers determined in the blood of some biomarkers, such as Troponin I and t are proteins that indicate damage to the heart muscle.

All of the runners said after the race about the same extent of their hardships. With increasing distance the proportion of Troponins increased in the blood of athletes is significant. Other Biomarker levels were elevated only in the full marathon participants. Despite the intensive preparation, the load on the heart was runners in the full marathon at the largest.

Sport is good for the heart – excessive ambition but you should avoid

We assume commonly that Marathon runners are healthy individuals without risk factors that make them susceptible to a cardiac event during or after a run, says Del Coso. In view of the growing popularity of long-distance runs, the growing number of participants and the lack of adequate Training for some Amateurs, suggest our results that the load on the heart muscle through the Run on shorter routes reduce.

Sport is one of the best ways of developing coronary heart disease, which is often the cause for a heart attack, it is, in the German heart Foundation. The risk may increase during physical load, a little, in the long term, the contactor prevails but in the end effect. It is important to avoid excessive ambition, and to have regularly medical check-up. Moderately-powered endurance sports such as Swimming, Jogging, or Cycling are especially recommended.