How to make wounds heal better

Wound or scratch does not heal for a long time? This may be for many reasons, including old age and diabetes. Pharmacy offers a very small amount of wound healing agents. Of paramount importance here is traditionally played by the lifestyle factors.

Good food

You should eat a balanced diet that includes all major food groups. But since wound healing requires certain nutrients, the Cleveland clinic (Cleveland Clinic) sovetuyutsya in your diet more protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc.

The protein source can be meat, dairy and soy products, and fruits and vegetables source of vitamins. As for zinc, it can be as dry Breakfast cereals fortified with zinc, and oysters, legumes, nuts and much more.

Physical activity

Some studies suggest that exercise helps to speed up the healing process. This is because they increase the activity of the immune system. The increased blood flow resulting from exercise can also reduce inflammation associated with skin damage.

Charles emery, (Charles Emery), Professor of psychology at the University of Ohio (Ohio State University) held at the time, the study showed that older people who regularly engaged in physical exercises, healing is faster.

Physical exercise may enhance the regulation of cortisol, and increased cortisol levels may contribute to wound healing, – utverjdenii.

Use bandages and plasters

Bandages and plasters protect from further injury damaged skin. In addition, their use also prevents dryness of the skin. Scientists say that moist wounds heal faster and the risk of scars and scabs is lowered.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke, consider cigarette can slow down the healing process. Recent studies have shown that smokers are worse than non-smokers, healing wounds after surgical procedures.

Confirmed that the toxic components of cigarette smoke – particularly nicotine, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are the basis of the mechanisms that hinder rapid healing of wounds, pixelator research, Paul Silverstein (Silverstein, Paul).

Limit alcohol

Alcohol abuse, as Smoking can affect the healing process. At dynamicmemory University Loyola (Loyola University) 2014, alcohol reduces the levels of leukocytes and proteins that play an important role in the recovery process.

Those who gets injured while under the influence of alcohol, are also at increased risk of bacterial infections and increased bleeding. In addition, it is well known that alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of injury.

Dmitry Kolesnik