How to protect your lungs in the winter

Frost and extremes of weather in winter, bad effect on the condition of the lungs – this time of year is a severe test of resilience for our most important organ of respiration. In the winter it is important to eat certain foods that contain nutrients that strengthen the lungs.

In the cold season the lungs vulnerable to negative influences from the outside, said doctor Victoria Savitskaya. According to him, the body in winter must be maintained by providing a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, and nutrients, allowing it not to freeze. The expert recommended to eat more of healthy carbohydrate foods, especially various natural cereals.

One of the best to protect your lungs in the winter, according to Savitskaya, is the ginger – it often need to include in your diet.

“Due to the special substances ginger warms the lungs and bronchi and prevents cough. It is also useful for existing colds, as it helps to “pull” out all unnecessary light, gently warming and enveloping them. Also quick to warm and protect the bronchial tubes helps warm tea made from cranberries,” – said the expert.
In the winter to maintain heat in the body useful eat dark chocolate every day for a few slices. Perfectly protect from viruses and colds pomegranate, the expert added.

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