How to understand that the flu has caused serious complications

There are various signs that the common cold has given complications that can worsen the condition of the internal organs, particularly the heart. Many of them individual, but there are universal.

How to understand that the cold gave complications? The answer to this question in an interview with Sputnik Moldova head of resuscitation Department of hospital for Infectious diseases named Tom, Ciorba Kiryakova Galina. According to experts, one of the most reliable landmarks in the state of a sick person is the duration of the period during which he has elevated temperature.

“In medicine there is a law: if after three days of illness the temperature is kept, and there is no improvement, is an occasion to reflect. If on the fifth day the temperature does not pass, there is a dry, hysterical and painful coughing is even more worrying,” said the doctor.
Also, according to him, prostodushnyy need to contact the clinic if his sputum appeared streaks of blood, nasal discharge acquired a yellow tinge, and also appeared pain in the ears.

“All these symptoms of a cold mean that there is some complication. Complications are always individual,” – said the medic.
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