Important Corona-milestone: None Coronavirus Transmission in new Zealand for 100 days

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 19 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the Coronavirus, 215.460 of them in Germany.

No Coronavirus Transmission in new Zealand for 100 days

In new Zealand, the Transmission of the Coronavirus in the population is stopped for one hundred days. Although since then, no new Infections were recorded, warned the health authorities on Sunday prior to the negligence. Currently, according to official data, 23 active cases of infection in the country. The Infected were infected but not in new Zealand, but were tested at the port of entry is positive and in quarantine facilities.

"A hundred days without a Transmission is an important milestone, but we all know that we must allow no carelessness ", the chief medical officer Ashley Bloomfield said. "We have seen in other countries, we rapidly see the Virus again, and in places it can spread, where it was already under control. We need to be prepared for, new cases in new Zealand quickly eradicate."

New Zealand had brought the spread of the novel Coronavirus with rigorous measures to control quickly. In mid-March, a strict output closure was imposed and the borders of the country closed. 

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In mid-June, the island state in the South Pacific, officially for Coronavirus-free. All restrictions have been lifted. The border is closed for almost all foreigners, all entry must be for 14 days in quarantine.

In total, were counted in the country, with its five million inhabitants, approximately 1200 cases of infection. The world health organization (WHO) has praised the crisis management of the new Zealand government as exemplary.

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