In what position to sleep cores?

Usual human body position during sleep depends on different factors. One can often hear that this or that posture can affect the body. But what about cores – what position to sleep to people who have problems with blood vessels and the heart?

Are poses for sleep, which is contraindicated in heart disease, and in what position to sleep cores, said the President of the society of sleep, the doctor of medical Sciences Roman buzunov. Specialist reported that people with chronic illnesses need to pay special attention to body position during sleep. At the same time, he denied the danger of the posture on your left side for people with heart disease.

“The assertion that heart disease is bad to sleep on your left side is a myth,” said the sleep.
At the same time, the expert noted that people with heart failure need to sleep in a certain position. According to sleep, the head should be raised.

“If a person has heart failure, in the dream it is necessary to provide an elevated position of the head – so that it is above the level of the waist. This will prevent choking, and reduce the risk of pulmonary edema and other consequences” – said the expert.
Dangerous for all, but especially for those who tend to snore, the expert believes pose on the back. In this position gets the language, which increases the risk of heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

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