Knowledge about genes can create a placebo effect

The researchers studied the effect of the knowledge of the true data about genes and placebo. The results of the experiment, the organism can change in response to knowledge of their genetic information.

Now DNA tests have become cheaper, which gave opportunities to many people to learn about genes that affect physiology and susceptibility to certain diseases. In the new study, scientists have shown that such knowledge can influence the condition of the people, regardless of the DNA test.

“Genetic data does not only allow a person learn more about himself, – says the author Krum Aliya from America. – Experiment proves that it often has a physiological effect.” The study involved 116 people in which have studied the potential of personalized healthcare.

All respondents analyzed CREB1. This gene, which is responsible for physical ability. In addition, participants ran or walked on the track.

A week later, told them about the analysis, but not accurate information. Respondents randomly assigned into 2 groups: one was told about the variant gene, whose media gets tired faster and the second is about the opposite action. The performance of the first group became worse. While indicators have deteriorated even among those who had a different variant of the gene. In comparison with the first tests started to appear the worse plegas, light worked poorly. The second group began to run better, although this effect was weaker.

In addition, we studied the effect of knowledge about the gene FTO, affects satiation after a meal. Of the media some of its versions can suffer from obesity. Participants also divided into 2 groups. One reported that after eating it you feel hungrier, and second that the feeling of satiety comes faster. After the results, they were given to eat the same amount of food. In the first group of participants did not notice the difference, and secondly, people feel less hunger.