Man dubbed 'Testicle King' says he lives on uncooked animal GENITALS

He’s got balls! Man, 31, dubbed ‘The Testicle King’ reveals he lives on insane diet of uncooked animal GENITALS and raw meat — but it hasn’t put off his glamorous wife!

  • Pauly Long, 31, from Philadelphia, posts videos of him dining on testicles
  • Full-time content creator said he picked up the habit to help with stomach issues
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A 31-year-old man from Philadelphia has been crowned the ‘testicle king’ for his unusual habit of eating raw animal genitals.

Pauly Long, who lives in Bali, Indonesia, with his wife and nine-month-old son, has already tried bull, lamb and goat testicles.

He started eating raw meat — which is becoming increasingly popular — about a year ago to help with gut issues after being inspired by the Liver King. 

But while he’s tried all different cuts of raw meat, he says that ‘balls’ have now become his ‘favorite bedtime snack’.

His glamorous wife Vania was ‘a little grossed out’ by his habit, but Mr Long says she has now become his ‘number one fan’.

Mr Long said he picked up the habit of eating testicles to help with gut issues that had plagued him since his mid-20s

Mr Long, who is originally from Philadelphia, is engaged to wife Vania. They have a nine-month-old son together

Mr Long said the diet had given him ‘better energy, better digestion, more strength and muscle, higher testosterone and better mood stabilization than ever.

‘I also have better skin, increased libido, healthier gut and all around a super healthy body,’ he added.

Mr Long took up the habit after being inspired by the Liver King’s unusual diet and believing that it would help fix his damaged gut.

He said: ‘I first saw Liver King eating like this in 2021, and then saw a couple of other guys doing the same shortly after.

‘It caught my interest because of all the talk about it helping with your gut and many other health issues.

‘For me, fixing my damaged gut has been something I’ve been trying to accomplish for the past few years since my mid 20s.

‘So I gave it a shot, and eventually, it started really working for me.’

As well as testicles, Mr Long also enjoys raw organs including heart, liver, spleen, brain and pancreas.

Health organizations have warned people against eating raw meat, saying it puts them at higher risk of diseases and limits the amount of nutrients absorbed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says whole cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb should always be heated to at least 145F (62C) before consumption to ensure they have killed off any dangerous bacteria lurking within them.

They warn raw meat may contain harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E.coli that can cause food poisoning.

Eating some organs, such as brains, can also expose people to dangerous proteins that cause disease.

Cooking meat breaks down tough fibers, meaning it is easier to chew and digest. 

It also leads to better nutrient absorption, and a Harvard study in 2011 found cooked meat provides more energy than raw meat.

He says people online have named him the ‘testicle king’. He is pictured above wearing his T-shirts, which say: ‘It’s testicle time

Other raw items he eats include steaks and organs such as hearts, lungs and the pancreas

Mr Long shot to internet fame in April, 2022, after posting a video of himself eating a raw goat testicle that wracked up more than a million views.

‘People often refer to me as “The Testicle King” since I got pretty popular for eating raw testicles of bull, goat, lamb,’ he said.

On an average day, Mr Long consumes six to eight eggs in the morning alongside four to six pieces of bacon.

He will then have a raw steak and some kind of organ, such as a liver, heart or testicle.

He will also have 650ml of raw goat milk, a whole roast chicken and 500 grams of salmon sashimi, kefir, butter and cheese.

Fitness coach credits raw meat for his ripped body 


Weam Breiche, 31, a health and fitness coach from Los Angeles, claims that his controversial eating habits have left him feeling better and looking younger.

For snacks, he may have nuts and bits of fruit. On cheat days, he dines out on raw cheeseburgers.

He shares videos of himself eating testicles about once a week.

In one clip, he is shown saying that a testicle is his ‘favorite bedtime snack’ while cutting into it. He then adds: ‘That stinks’.

In another, he is shown bringing his friend a gift of a raw testicle after he became engaged.

Asked about how his wife Vania feels about the diet, he said: ‘My wife is my number one supporter and has been there for me since the start.

‘At first, she was a little grossed out but now it doesn’t phase her. 

‘She eats eggs with me and sometimes will have a little steak here and there (cooked, never raw) but mostly enjoys her culture’s food since she’s Indonesian.’

On his family, he said: ‘Considering I only see my parents and some other family once every year or two, it hasn’t really affected anyone but us.

‘For the most part though, everyone thinks what I do is disgusting when I’m eating all the organs like testicles, brain, heart, etc but I couldn’t care less.

‘I do also have a ton of fans and supporters who love watching. It’s a fun balance of both.’

There are varying levels of support for his videos online which are followed by more than 1.3million people on TikTok alone.

Some are supportive, but he says others have likened him to Jeffery Dahmer in reference to the serial killer in the Netflix show released last year.

‘They say I’m going to die, or simply just ask why and how I have not died yet,’ he said.

‘They say racist things about my wife like “she must be a mail-order bride trying to get his money because there’s no way she would stay with him after he’s always eating that stuff”.

‘The list goes on and on and on and honestly I don’t care at this point, it just tells me I’m on the right track and growing every day.

‘If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing enough. And if you do have haters, you’re doing something right.’

Pauly Long, 31, from Bali, Indonesia, posts videos of himself eating testicles about once a week. He has already tried those from lambs, goats and bulls, and says they are his ‘favorite bedtime snack’

He is shown above consuming raw meat while holding his nine-month-old son

Mr Long said it has not been difficult to maintain the cost of his meat-heavy diet in Indonesia because prices are lower than in America.

He said: ‘It is hard to say how much it cost me as I really don’t keep track but I get my meat, organs, and fish all from quality distributors back in Bali in bulk orders,” he said.

‘My steaks cost an average of around $24 to $30 per half a pound which is about 3-4 steaks being 8-12oz each.

‘I get a very good price compared to America.

‘I get a 0.5lb fillet of wild caught sashimi grade salmon for about the same price as well.

‘I get everything at a very reasonable price and much lower than what you would typically find for that quality back in the US.’

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