Morning sex is good for work

Use morning sex has scientific basis – scientists have received evidence that due to the intimate contact in the beginning of the day increases productivity, improves the quality of work. The researchers ‘ findings published the Journal of Management.

A group of American scientists from Oregon and Washington universities came to the conclusion about the usefulness of morning sex to enhance performance.

“The habit to have sex in the morning before the demands of working is consistent with the biorhythms of the human body, and makes intimate relations brighter. Worked better after that,” stated the scientists.
Scientists conducted an experiment involving 159 working person, who agreed for the sake of science to have sex in the morning. Specialists were interested in possible changes in the condition of the people due to the morning sex. The experiment lasted two weeks.
The authors of the project concluded in the end that sexual activity is directly proportional to the working activity – lack of sex labor activity and motivation of working people is falling. Morning sex, in turn, helps to improve the efficiency of labor by reducing stress, after him, were willing to work and more productive work.

Worst of all, according to scientists, when sex is sacrificed for the sake of the work. If a person comes to the end of the day home squeezed like a lemon, to privacy he does not remain forces and desires. But if work interferes with personal life, it’s bad for the work itself, but also for the career of the man, specialists say. Those who feel too tired in the evenings, the scientists advise to pay attention to the advantages and usefulness of morning sex.

By the way, the previous study authored by scientists from the University of Colorado showed that among people who have sex at least two or three times a month, happy one-third higher than among those who have more infrequent sex life.

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