Mother has in excess of 100 Km/h of a seizure in the car to save her son (8) takes the wheel

Lauren Smith was with her son in the car in the vicinity of Colchester, England, on-the-go. Suddenly, she got a seizure. Only the reaction of your son, it is due to that the two are still alive.

During the journey the beginning of December, Laura Smith was around 100 km/h on the road, got the 27-Year-old suddenly having a seizure. She began to tremble uncontrollably and her hands were no longer able to control the car safely, such as “Dailymail” reported. She lost consciousness and steered the car to the safety barriers.

Laurens son, Ben responded without hesitation and controlled the car from his place on the passenger seat. He drew the out-of-control vehicle on two tracks to the edge of the roadway, where it came from in the Grass. The car wobbled very, because it was driven the whole time in fifth gear.

A camera filmed the incident

The eight-year-old was even so present in spirit, the hazard warning lights to warn the other traffic participants. The Dashcam of another car, recorded the dangerous maneuvers.

After Ben had brought the car to a halt, stopped other drivers, to help the boy and his mother.

I’m still shocked

Lauren was immediately taken to the hospital. Since they had never suffered before a seizure, was the quick reaction of her son all the more remarkable, since he cannot be expected had with a Situation like this. Lauren is your son incredibly grateful that he had saved both our lives. They both remained completely unharmed.

“I was at the wheel sane. This went on for a couple of minutes but then I’m collapsing just on the steering Wheel, have it released, and I’m unconscious. My head was on the wheel,“ said the mother, in retrospect. She is incredibly proud of Ben. “I’m still shocked that he knew what to do. He is my Hero.“

You are not allowed behind the wheel

In spite of the investigations in the hospital, the Doctors could find no cause for Laura’s attack, but according to the “dailymail” of a Virus. After the attack she continued to suffer from pain and the Doctors have given you no permission to drive the car.

But not only his mother, but also Ben’s school principal is very proud of the fourth graders: “the fact That someone so young, so much courage, maturity and quick Thinking has shown is really impressive,” he said, according to “Sailymail”.