Myths about healthy eating that prevent us to lose weight

Many people, following diet and attending trainings, however, do not lose weight. One possible reason is that healthy food actually is not. In many foods and drinks contain hidden fats, sugar or salt, which undermines efforts to reduce weight.

Weight loss is mainly related to reduction of quantity of consumed calories. There are five traps, which are usually those who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle or lose weight.

1. All the salads are good. If we talk only about vegetables, this statement is absolutely true. But in salads and added to other ingredients to significantly increase the caloric content of meals.

For example, in the Caesar salad a lot of hidden fat bacon (8 g fat, 86 calories), Parmesan cheese (6 g fat 81 kcal), cream sauce (20 g fat, 184 calories) and grilled croutons. After eating it, you’ll cover 70% of the total daily fat consumption for the average adult.

That fats provide high-calorie food, so you need to be careful with the seasonings, sauces, gravy and foods high in fat content.

2. Junk food is replaced with healthy snacks. Junk food (cookies, chips, crackers) have a low nutritional value. This is the number of kilocalories to be gotten rid of.

Many make the mistake of substituting junk food for healthy snack bars, granola and protein balls. Yes, candy bars, granola containing healthy ingredients (oats, nuts and seeds), but stick them together with sugar. In yoghurt, fruit and nut bars can be up to 4.6 teaspoons of sugar.

The usual handful of nuts and seeds will provide vitamins and minerals, whereas sugar will be eliminated.

3. Natural sweeteners are better than sugar. Now the popular products that contains natural sugar. However, from the point of view of nutritional value, between honey and sugar there is no difference. Better put some fruits have natural sweetness, vitamins and minerals.

If the sugar in coffee or tea is your weak spot, you can try cow’s milk to replace soy, more sweet (to him, however, will have to get used to). But better gradually, weekly to reduce the amount of sugar to 1/2 teaspoon.

4. All based on fruits, is healthy. Fruit drinks usually contain 25% fruit juice and lots of sugar. Even 100% fruit juice, unlike fruit, there are important fibers. Smoothies a little better, but they are usually served in large portions, can contain syrup or ice cream, which significantly reduces their nutritional value. Therefore, a fruit is optimal to consume the whole thing.

5. Drinks can be too high in calories. For those who are trying to lose weight, sweet soft drinks are taboo. But few know how many calories in alcoholic drinks. So, with a big mug of beer contains 146 calories, and drinking two glasses of red wine, you will require more than 160 kcal, which is equivalent to two full cups of corn chips.

Overall, the most common mistake when trying to lose weight, there is too much. It is important not only the right products but also their number. You need to listen to signals from your body, and feeling saturation, to complete the meal. The best way to do this is to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly.

According to the materials of The Conversation

Valeria SEMA