Obesity in adolescents is linked to the future of pancreatic cancer

If teenagers have obesity, which is several times increases the risk of a future pancreatic cancer, which develops in adulthood. The conclusions about this were made by Israeli scientists from tel Aviv University, published the journal CANCER.

The researchers analyzed data from 1 087 358 707 men and 212 women held medical examination in 1967 at the age of 16-19 years, and then matured in 2002. During the period between surveys was identified 551 cases of cancer of the pancreas – the vast majority of men (423). These cases are illustrative correlated with markers of obesity in adolescence in volunteers.

At the same time, it was found that obesity in adolescent girls increasingly connected future probability of developing cancer of the pancreas.

“Obesity in adolescence increased the risk of pancreatic cancer 3.65 times in men and 4.07 in women,” stated the authors of the project.
Pancreatic cancer is the sixth most common cause of death of cancer patients. Scientists are convinced that the control of body weight and prevention of obesity in adolescents can prevent its occurrence in the future.

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