OP, when Niki Lauda: a doctor explains how a flu to lung Transplantation resulted in

The lung transplant is the history of the provisional end of a suffering, the on 1. August 1976, began. The burns during an accident at the Nürburgring have not drawn Niki Lauda only externally. Now an infection and his lungs was enough probably failed.

The Austrian racing legend Niki Lauda in Vienna’s General hospital with a new lung transplanted. According to a thoracic surgeon Walter Klepetko, the complex procedure went well. In the news program of the ORF, he ventured, therefore, a cautiously optimistic prognosis for the patient.

The hospital stay would take in the case of a 69-Year-old, however, even with a good history a lot longer than in young patients may often be discharged after two weeks.

The Operation took place almost to the day, exactly 42 years to the day, as Niki Laudas health began suffering history. On 1. August 1976, moved to the then formula 1 Champion in a Crash on the Nürburgring severe burns. The external scars on the face and head shape since his appearance.