Pharmacist to collect donations for people all over the world

In the advent of time, many aid organizations are calling again for donations for their projects. Also a pharmacist from Germany, because they not only provide their patients in this country with vital medicines, but also engage for the health of people in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

It can be an acute disaster relief after an earthquake or hurricane, as well as long-term development aid for health centre in a remote mountain village. Depending on the project, individual pharmacists from Germany for a certain period of time locally, or supporting local partner organizations with money and relief goods. Many pharmacist self-donation or set up Collecting boxes in the pharmacy and ask for the Use of their patients. Drug donations unfortunately cannot be accepted, because they correspond to the needs on the ground in other Parts of the world.

The following relief organizations are active worldwide, ask for support:

  • The organization pharmacists without borders Germany e. V., Munich, manages, among other projects in Nepal. Here, local health, equipped items, the procurement and storage of drugs be optimized and thus the supply of medicines to many people.
  • Also from Munich pharmacist helping e. V., the so-called mother-and-child houses in Senegal, support that you have established yourself with, and to the safe and stable supply of medicines to take care of you in the future.
  • The Agency of Baden-Württemberg, pharmacists e. V. from Stuttgart, this year has collected donations for the Indonesian Tsunami victims to obtain emergency medicines for the victims of the natural disaster, but also for the reconstruction of the health infrastructure.
  • The project "A Dose Zukunft" the chamber of pharmacists Westphalia-Lippe, Münster is involved in the Slums of Calcutta (India) to vaccinate children against life-threatening diseases such as measles, Mumps, rubella, and Polio.

For more information about the Clubs and the information on the donation accounts can be found on the website of the ABDA – Federal Union of German pharmacists.


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