Planning a road trip? Don’t forget to munch on these healthy snacks

Just because you are travelling, it does not mean you have be hard on your health.

Road trips are fun. They make you forget life’s many urgencies and allow you to let loose for a while. But, people often tend to binge-eat while on a trip, because they are away from home, and, therefore, from the many dietary restrictions. But, it should be known that just because you are travelling, it does not mean you have be hard on your health. Here are some healthy snack ideas for you to munch along the way. These promise to make your taste buds happy, too. Read on.

Energy bars

Feeling hungry and cranky? Grab an energy bar and replenish your energy reserve. You can carry some with you, but make sure to select those that are rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats. It is natural to feel hungry from time to time. So keep yourself fed until you reach your destination.

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Nuts are great in taste and naturally rich in protein, minerals, healthy fats and fiber. As such, carry lots of almonds, pistachios, salted cashews, etc. These delicious travel companions will keep you in a great mood throughout the trip. You can have them in between meals too, if you feel like it.


Travelling makes you hungry in the same way that watching a movie does. The answer? Popcorn. Your travel outing is incomplete without this snack. Moreover, it is high in fiber. Remember to consume the ones that have healthy fats and low amounts of sodium.

Boiled eggs

Eggs contain everything your body needs. They are high in amino acids, protein and micro-nutrients. Carry with you some hard-boiled eggs, and keep your stomach full throughout the trip.

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Veggies and hummus

Who wouldn’t fancy some veggies and hummus as a quick snack option, right? Hummus is made with chickpeas which are rich in protein. For veggies, you can carry some carrots, celery and bell pepper strips. This is as delicious as it is healthy.

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