Prepare to squirm, these are the areas of your office with the most germs

If the pandemic taught us nothing else, we all know we should be washing our hands for the duration of Happy Birthday now, right?

You’d like to think so, but it seems some office workers missed the memo.

Office door handles have 30 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, according to a new study, which analysed the nastiest corners of the workplace.

The research, conducted on behalf of Furniture At Work, compared the bacteria levels in grubby parts of the office to the levels on the surface of a loo.

The research team used a Hygiena ATP Monitoring System to reveal the number of bacteria contaminants on a surface, and found that the office sink, microwave and mobile phones are the top culprits for germs. 

But nothing compared to door handles, one of the most neglected areas, but also one of the most used by different people multiple times a day.

But how to stop the spread of those pesky germs?

On top of washing our hands, we need to make sure we’re regularly sanitising surfaces and handles, lest we end up in bed for a week with the flu.

For the microwave, you can steam clean it by popping a bowl three-quarters full of boiled water, lemon juice and lemon slices inside and turning the microwave on high for two minutes, according to experts at Furniture At Work. 

For your phone, get yourself a pack of alcohol wipes and give it a wipe down at least once per day.

The biggest office hotspots for bacteria

From door handles to keyboards, these are the worst office hotspots for bacteria, according to the research

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