PSA: Your Hair Tie Is Probably Crawling With Bacteria

Just like undies, bed sheets and activewear – when you use the same hair tie day in, day out, it gets dirty. Like, really dirty. Meaning it can harbour all kinds of nasty germs (bacteria and fungus, included). Not ideal for something that’s fondled by your hands on the reg.

“Many fabrics absorb sweat and bacteria throughout the day, including hair ties and hairbands, especially during workouts,” Dr Rachael Nazarian, a dermatologist in NYC told Well + Good.

The good news is, this won’t necessarily affect your skin.

“It’s not a major issue for skin care unless the items come into contact with the skin, like headbands, which are rubbing and occluding the forehead and consistently contaminating skin with the combination of sweat and bacteria,” she explained.

That said, it is possible for the follicles in your hair to absorb some of this filth and then transfer it to your pillowcase as you sleep. Over time, this can spell major trouble for your mug (helllooooo, breakouts.)

The fix? Wash your damn hair ties regularly, ppl. Dr Nazarian advises to do so “daily and especially after every workout.”

“Thankfully, it’s quite easy: basic soap and water do the trick,” she added. “For a simple hack, you can put them into the pockets of your clothing and throw them in the wash. They’ll stay put and get clean right along with the rest of your clothes.”

Or, for the lazy gals among us *raises both hands* there are a couple of other options out there. Look for ties infused with copper fibres for the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, or try out Invisibobbles (they’re made of plastic and can be wiped down easily.)


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