Smartphones crazy and send people to hospitals

Because of smartphones, the number of hospitalizations associated with stress and anxiety, over the last 10 years increased by 37%. And all because people would never want to disable these mobile devices.

The official statistics of the English hospitals showed that the number of hospitalizations of people suffering from severe stress and anxiety for the last 10 years has increased by 37%. The sharp jump is observed in the so-called white collar workers who almost never leave mobile devices. These people are constantly checking email at work and at home, and therefore the stress of their lives disappears. Moreover, caused by stress and anxiety give rise to problems for 44% of all diseases related to work. Their total number over the last 10 years has increased by 34%.

The jump in the number of nervous diseases that required hospitalization, was 28%, which is equivalent to a loss of 15 million working days in the last year. The British economy at a cost of 8 billion pounds. The study authors noted that stress and anxiety is now a problem for neither society nor the government can no longer ignore. An increasing number of people are faced with feeling that they are not able to cope with stress in modern life, and at the same time they have no opportunity to disconnect from her.

Magicforum recalls that in General anxiety is a normal part of life, facing different people in different ways and at different times. But only if the stress comes and goes, anxiety can persist for a very long time and not always for obvious reasons. Along with depression, anxiety disorders are among the most common mental problems in Russia, which afflict millions of our countrymen. Because of these disorders, people vividly present in his mind the unpleasant events that can happen in their life and these thoughts are literally driving them crazy. (READ MORE)