Swallowed magnets 14 of the child save the doctors

Six-year-old boy was hospitalized for two weeks with a perforated intestine after he swallowed magnets 14. The child tried to hide from his brother the toy, thrusting it in his mouth.

A young resident of Utah Mika, Arvidsson a week before Halloween were in an enthusiastic mood, because on this holiday he was going to appear in the costume of his favorite video game Halo. However, on the night of Halloween, six-year-old complained of feeling unwell and even refused to get out of bed. At first his parents assumed that Mika just got food poisoning, but after three days of constant nausea and complaints of stomach pains the child was taken to the emergency room of a hospital. Examination showed that the boy managed to swallow from 14 magnets that came in the small intestine led to the perforation, that is, the rupture of its shell. As a result, the bile began to get into the stomach.

Subsequently the parents found out that Micah was secretly playing with a toy-fidzhetom his brother, and when he entered the room, the child shoved it in his mouth and accidentally swallowed. For the past two weeks, the boy is in the hospital. Unable to feed or drink, he went through three surgical operations on the bowel, and the doctors are still trying to restore his health. Every day Mick is suffering from this heat, since its temperature rises to 39-40 degrees.

However, the child asked mother to tell that story to other children so they can learn from his mistakes. Since 2009, the United States has noted an increase of cases where children accidentally swallow the magnets and damage the intestine. This led to the fact that the government even began to ban some toys in which the magnets can be swallowed. (READ MORE)